Tasteful guidance for your design choices.

Your home is more than a place to live. It's the comfortable, nurturing environment where ordinary moments become cherished family memories.  

It's the place where you have your most important conversations...and the brief exchanges that mean so much.

Home is the place where you can be yourself.

Let's make your home look the way you want to feel!

Hi, I’m Annie! 

At my house, the kitchen is the heart of our home. It's the place where my teenagers "fly by" to connect in a casual way and my friends drop in for coffee. To me, it's so important to make my home feel comfortable and welcoming. I've seen, firsthand, how the spaces where we spend our time have a huge impact on how we feel and interact with each other every single day.  

Your home is an extension of your unique style - and no two people are alike. You should feel "right" in your environment. We work collaboratively to figure out what lights you up so you can feel the way you want to feel in your home.

Working as a team, your project becomes simple and enjoyable - rather than overwhelming. You can free yourself from decision-making paralysis! We will make a plan, shop wherever you're comfortable, and have fun in the process.

After all - it's your home and it should make you happy! 


Sometimes, all you need is to rearrange the furniture you already have and, in other cases, a few strategic purchases can have a big impact. 

Either way, you get an advocate and an experienced guide as you consider all of your options and navigate the stores. 

We work as a team, making a plan and shopping in the stores that suit your budget. I keep the process of making decisions as simple as possible. Unlike typical designers - I don't work on commission - and any designer discounts I get are passed directly on to you!

Working hourly is a great way to develop your own eye - plus we have a lot of fun together!


You get a personalized plan, including links and/or tear sheets, for all of the finishing touches your room needs to make it your own. This includes recommendations for paint or wallcoverings, rugs, lamps, accessories, art, window treatments, and overhead lighting.

The "Finishing Touches Package" is perfect for anyone who has their major furniture and layout all set, but needs help finishing a room.


You get the "Finishing Touches Package" as well as a customized room layout, with links and/or tear sheets for specific furniture. This package streamlines the decision-making process and allows you to make selections for your project at your own pace or with my assistance.


 When you're building a new home or adding onto an existing home, the array of choices you need to make can be overwhelming. Your builder doesn't always give you a lot of notice, but unless you make a decision, the whole project can be delayed. This is an important investment and you don't want to make mistakes.

To help keep your sanity during construction, we create a comprehensive spreadsheet so you can anticipate the decisions you need to make. This becomes a central way to organize and keep track of your "to do's," measurements, notes, sources, and budget.

When we work together, you get tasteful guidance as you make aesthetic choices about color, finishes, and lighting. Selections can be made and many items can be purchased and held for when they're needed. You can get ahead and be ready before your builder needs your decisions!

You've decided to build because you want to live a certain way. You can almost taste how much better everyday life is going to feel in your new space! Let's work together to make the construction process efficient and as enjoyable as possible. 

You can make your home look the way you want to feel!

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